Driveway Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Is Your Driveway Looking Dull?

Your paved, asphalt or tar macadam driveway or patio has served you well and has enhanced the cosmetic appearance of your property. But, unfortunately, like most things on planet earth, they sustain wear and tear, which can affect their appearance and performance.

Dirt and grime from the public roads is deposited each time your vehicle uses your driveway. Over time, the build up dirt and grime causes degradation in appearance and the way the surface reacts to daily usage. Foxrock Paving & Landscaping can provide you with Driveway Cleaning and Maintenance services.

Our goal is to ensure that you continue to enjoy the appearance and use of your driveway or patio.

We do this in three ways:

  • Restoration
  • Sealing
  • Power Washing.

Our maintenance services are designed to help you maintain your driveway or patio in peak condition.

The driveway below underwent cleaning, brick power washing, moss removal and machine compacting to return it to peak condition.

Before Foxrock Paving Maintenance Treatment

After Foxrock Paving Maintenance Treatment

We can restore any type of paving and assist with:

  • Driveway and patio cleaning
  • Removal of dirt, weeds and stains
  • Restoration of original colour
  • Inhibit weed and moss growth
  • Use of correct sealants to protect paved , asphalt or tar macadam surfaces.

Call us now on Mobile: 087-2844325 or Office: 01-2014141 for Driveway Cleaning, or to discuss required maintenance issues, which are stopping you from enjoying your stone or paved driveway or patio.